CD coverSilent Music (2018)

Kraftvolle Musik der Stille

Büdi Siebert & The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra (Klaus Rädisch und Enrico Rode) – drei Musiker, die ihre Wurzeln in der Rock-Musik, im Blues und im Jazz haben. Ihre Musik der Stille groovt, schwingt, atmet und hat Kraft – kein Ton zu viel, keiner zu wenig. Musik entsteht und wird nicht gemacht.

Silent Music
– Musik, die jeden, der ihr zuhört, zu sich selbst zurück bringt an den Ort, wo die laute Welt sich ausblendet und sich eine andere Welt öffnet.

(CD-Beschreibung: Weltmusik Ongnamo)

Klaus Enzo2Buedi Floete Natur






Coloured Elephants (2012)

`The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra´was founded by the drummer and percussionist Klaus Rädisch in 2009.

His idea was to create a `new inspired´, handmade music. The debut album `Lost in Clouds´ was released in 2010.

Music critics proved `Lost in clouds´ as `the most tender sounds from Germany´ (audiophiles Internetforum/ 2011).

In the USA the album got highest praise in the UK `Hand Pan Magazine´/ June 2011

Klaus Raedischand on the Pakistani Chill Charts 2011 `Lost in clouds´ reached no. 8.

On the new album `Coloured Elephants´  Klaus Rädisch`s  particular highlights are a variety of steel-tongue drums and hand pans in different scales, Chinese gongs, African Udu- and frame drums, Japanese Okos and the Indian Dholak, which allow a wide dynamic range and plenty of musical colours.

He attaches great importance to the choice and application   techniques of different mallets.

Together with the studio owner and guitarist Jörg Hancke he started working on the new album

 `Coloured Elephants´ in April 2011 .

The inner silence and the profound musical and technical knowledge of Jörg Hancke give the songs a special intensity, atmosphere and dynamic (DR11).

Fellow muscians are: Lilly-Celine Thomas (vocals), Fabian Ernst (gong), Cornelia Ernst (clarinet) and soprano Sabine Korbmann.


The different faces of Lilly-Celine Thomas- inspired by the tracks of `Coloured Elephants´.






As in `Lost in Clouds´ the overall concept of the new album `Coloured Elephants´ is the soft and rhythm-stressed orientated world music.

Meditative soundscapes inspire to daydream and dance and connect seamlessly with the `Sun Dance´ of the first album. The sound patterns can be described under the heading `art2silence´.

The intention of Klaus Rädisch, the founder of `The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra´, lets him dive into diverse music cultures. Even more as on his previous album, new steel tongue drums and handpans like Caisa Drum, Hapi, Zen Tambour, Rock-Creek-Tongue Drum and Hank Drum move into focus of the music.

The atmosphere of the songs is trance-like with tuneful-catchy sound structures which get epic intensity and breadth through Jörg Hanke`s  keyboard- and guitar sounds.

Maybe the spherical complexity may not be apparent at first, but the sparingly used melody arcs and chorale-like vocal parts go straight into your ears and avoke pictures of passing camel caravans, wide horizons, unhurriedly moving elephants and allows the listener to calm down. Multiple listenings are completing the multi-faceted Ethno-Ambient album.

Song recommendations are, e.g. `Dhin Dha´(track 3), `Coloured Elephants` (track 4) or `Mrs Margret misses the maghreb´ (track5).

The last two tracks (Iroha & Sensual Spirit) are because of their ¾ rhythm perfectly suited for Far-Eastern inspired fitness concepts.

After the new album has been released, `Coloured Elephants´ has been awarded as ” album of the week”  by the British handpan-magazine (” a truly beautiful album”).


Lost in Clouds - The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra

Lost in Clouds

Inspired by the practise of Nia, the martial arts and Tai Chi this album features drums, rare percussion instruments and a variety of string instruments (e.g. oud, kora, guitars, double-bass, cello) played on midi guitar.

Klaus Rädisch and Enrico Rode are masterful arrangers, composers and originators of this project which explores the art of balance and harmony of Eastern martial art disciplines, pulsating rhythms and trance-hypnotic songs. Its contemporary dance beats and ambient grooves move in perfect company to the spirited chants and vocals of the Ukrainian and Persian guest singers ( Ganna Bogoduch and Afshin Marouzadeh).

Lively, melodic and meditative. Exotic and oriental.

The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra
… plays World Music for Nia. Ideal track lengths for class dancing or individual practise. Inspirational music for slower and more dynamic styles, for relaxation, dreaming- and of course just for listening.
Lost In Clouds moves the listener into a calming mood and brings him through a portal of sound and culture.