Klaus Rädisch has decades of experience as a drum teacher, drummer, studio musician and bandleader; he founded `The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra´ in 2009.

Inspired by a television appearance of the exceptional musician Martin Kälberer, he became aware on an instrument, that is built in Switzerland and named Hang.

That`s the trigger to work on new percussion- and melody instruments.
Beginning with the in the USA originated HAPI ((Hand-Activated-Percussion-Instrument).
Also originates from the USA is the wonderful Zen Tambour, the Rockcreek-Steel-Tongue-Drum and the Kaizen.
The Tank Drum and the Caisa from Germany complete the instruments.

In 2009, work begins on the first album `Lost in clouds´, which will be released in December 2010.

Work on the second album has been ongoing since 2011, and has been released in October 2012.